The Speed of Light

Artist Statement

From the invention of the first visible LED light in 1962 to the advent of tunable systems complete with remote smart controls, advancements in the field of lighting technology truly seem to be traveling at warp speed. This is good news for everyone.

The US Department of Energy estimates that energy consumption from electricity will be cut in half by the year 2030, with an annual estimated savings of $37 billion.

Households that convert to LED lighting will see an 80% decrease in energy consumption. No longer must we choose between efficiency and quality, today’s LED, OLED, and compact fluorescent lights have it all: sustainability, longevity, excellent color rendition, diversity of size, shape and application – all for an affordable price.

What’s more is that the advent of tunable and circadian lighting systems are redefining the role that light plays in our daily lives by increasing productivity and promoting health and well being.


My Projects

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3500 The Strand
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3421 Manhattan Avenue
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8th Street
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107 Piscataqua


It is never too early to start thinking about lighting your project. Because lighting correlates with all aspects of the construction process it is imperative that it be carefully considered during all phases of design, from programming to construction. Communication and coordination, with the design team as well as contractors and vendors, is critical throughout.